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Receive ten times as many entries to draws, maximising your chances of winning.

This is applied to each and every draw regardless of the value of the prize we’re giving away.



Automatic entry

If you want to enter for free, you must do so for each and every draw. This means if we have 50 prizes, you’ll have to enter 50 times.

Dreamcatchers are entered into all draws automatically, so you simply sit around and wait to win. Easy peasy!

Support the platform

Our platform is all about creating as many giveaways for Calvin’s followers as possible.

By becoming a Dreamcatcher you’re supporting the platform, with your money going towards even more prizes as well as the continued growth and development of Planet of Dreams.

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We accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.
Your subscription will auto-roll every month until you let us know that you would like to cancel.
If payment fails, your Dreamcatcher membership will be downgraded to a standard membership and your entries will be removed. You will then have to update your billing details, at which point we will re-enter you into every draw ten times again.
You can cancel your Dreamcatcher subscription any time by contacting our team via LiveChat or at support@planetofdreams.co.uk. You will receive your Dreamcatcher entries up until the end of your month, at which point your account will be downgraded to a standard membership and all entries removed.
Due to us entering you into all future competitions automatically, we cannot offer refunds.

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Don’t miss out on the next #FreeFriday giveaway - it’s free after all!

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